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We’ve torture tested these long sleeve, sun resistant shirts both above and below the water for the last 6 months cruising on Delos and are happy to say they withstood our abuse!  They are perfect for protecting yourself from the elements, whether it be blazing sun with their 50 SPF protection, that nippy wind, or even those stingy little beasts that try and get you underwater.  Plus the stretchy material is o-so-comfortable!

Kazza did the design of Delos sailing on the globe, and Mr. Brady used his somewhat dubious photoshop skills for the marketing photos….  We had them printed ourselves so there is no middle man involved, all proceeds go to support The Delos Project!  They are available in mens and women’s sizes to fit all.   THESE ARE LIMITED EDITION SO GET EM WHILE WE GOT EM!

– WOMENS Colors: Arctic Blue and Pink

– UPF 50+ solar protection!

– 100% microfiber, lightweight and comfortable.

– Loose fitting.

– This fabric is powered by PURE-tech™ cool wicking technology.

Please download the Womens Size Chart in PDF.  Returning stuff is such a hassle, especially when we’re at sea 🙂

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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × .25 in

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL



13 reviews for Womens Sun Shirt

  1. Darlene

    I wish the women’s size came in a 2xl like the men’s.

    • brian-trautman

      Thanks for the comment Darlene, next time we place an order I will keep this in mind! Fair winds- Brian

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Darlene- I just wanted to let you know after reading your comment I placed an order for more sizes and they just came in! You should now be able to find XXL sizes on the website in both Blue and Pink! Fair winds- Capt. Brian

  2. Märta

    Super good quality, comfy and good fit.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      So happy you like your shirt Marta! Hope you can wear it in good health 🙂 . Fair winds, and much love from The Delos Crew.

  3. Janet Smoot

    Thank you Brian for adding the XXL Size for women after we talked at the Annapolis Boat Show. You all are a class act!!! It was great meeting you and Brady.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Our pleasure Janet, nice to meet you as well and hope you enjoy the shirt 🙂 . Fair winds and sending much love. Brian

  4. Janet Smoot (verified owner)

    Brian..just got my shirts.. the 2xl is not a true 2xl. It fits like a misses L. Disappointed.Thanks for trying. I will have to return both shirts and just get a man’s shirt. Hope this is not hard to do. Thanks again for trying.😭

  5. Andrew

    Hi Kazza, love your videos and sorry I missed you guys in Bermuda earlier this year. I was wondering what size rash guard you wear as my wife is a similar size. I’m about to order two mens and a lady’s. Love the design and colours and these will save our skin in the sun. Thanks, Andrew

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Andrew, thanks for sending the message. Kazza wears a small size in the rashguard. It fits pretty good and not too tight! Here is a sizing guide that you might also find helpful- https://svdelos.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Womens-Size-Chart.pdf . Wishing you happy holidays and hope you enjoy the shirts- Capt. Brian

  6. Michael Workman (verified owner)

    Hola Brian! My lady Linda loves her pink rash guard she got from me for Christmas. It fits perfect and we love Kazza’s art graphic! We expect to get many positive comments on it at our marina when she shows it off. Thank you for doing what you do. We so love you guys and your videos. Don’t ever stop. Happy and successful New Year in 2021! Best, Michael.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Michael, Awesome that is great to hear 🙂 Sending you both lot’s of love and the best wishes for the New Year! Brian

  7. Cheryl Henke (verified owner)

    Purchased both a men’s and women’s for Christmas. The men’s fit my husband great and he loves it; but the women’s is too small, even though I used the size chart. I am usually a L or XL; so ordered the XL, based on other comments, but the XL is still small. Is there a process for making an exchange?
    Love following your journeys around the world!! Cheers and Fair Winds. Cheryl

    • Brady SV Delos (verified owner)

      Hi Cheryl! Awesome to hear your husband loves the new gear! Please email us at [email protected] an we will be happy to exchange it for you 🙂 . Much Love, Brady

  8. Kimberly B (verified owner)

    Hola from TEXAS:) I bought the rash guard in blue. It fits a bit large on me so I’m nuting the oink in my actual size.. the blue has already been with me all over Indonesia and flordia lobster diving and fly fishing:) I hope to run into yall sometime on my travels:) Happy winds and smooth sailing

    • Brady SV Delos (verified owner)

      Thats great kimberly! Hopefully both rash guards are holding up well to all the abuse you are putting them through haha

  9. Candace Hunnicutt

    This is the only rash guard that I can find that actually fits me well! I bought the blue one a couple months ago, now I am back to buy the pink!! Thanks Delos! My husband and I love you guys!

    • Brady SV Delos (verified owner)

      Thats awesome Candace! Bring on the summer 🙂

  10. Mike Tellup

    The womens shirt itself is nice and the color a deeper blue than in the picture above. However, the application of the Delos logo leaves a bit to be desired.

    There is a quite noticeable much lighter square area about 4″x6″ with the logo in the upper left hand of the light square area. It has to be where the Delos logo was applied to the shirt. We exchanged the original shirt we received because of the light patch area yet the one we received has the same issue, so that was rather disappointing.

    Additionally, we had to order one size larger because the sleeves on the medium were not as long as described in the fitting instructions.

    • Brady SV Delos (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for the comment! All feedback is super appreciated.

  11. Johanna (verified owner)

    Super comfy, love the print!

  12. Doreen

    Hey team, love all your videos and would love to order a women’s Large long sleeve UV shirt. Please let me know when white is available. Thank you and safe adventures!

  13. Werner Schoenewolf

    Just received the mens shirt – fits perfect and very nice feeling on the skin. Wanted to order one for my wife as well, but womans size M in blue is out of stock😳. Can we expect to get one within the next three month?

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Werner, we are just about ready to place another order! Sorry it’s out of stock right now. We’ll put out a message when they are back. Fair winds!

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Size Chart

Please download the Womens Size Chart in PDF.  Returning stuff is such a hassle, especially when we're at sea :) Brady and Brian are 190 lbs, 5' 11"  (86kg, 182 cm) and wear a MENS LARGE. Karin is 110 lbs, 5' 4" (50kg, 163cm) and wears a WOMENS SMALL. Blue is 145 lbs 5'9" (66kg, 175cm) and wears a WOMENS LARGE.

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