WORST NIGHT on anchor EVER! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 266

Conditions change fast out here and it’s not always blue skies and bikini weather. How can an idyllic anchorage turn into a hell hole of swell and waves in the blink of an eye? Hope you enjoy this video of a not-so-ideal night of our lives. Much Love, Kazza, Brian and little Sierra

After a few hours ashore we come back to find our dingy anchor has broken loose and Maggie is washed up on the rocks. After an hour of bailing and tugging during a nasty rain squall we manage to get her afloat and back to Delos. The swell gets worse and Delos is getting hammered by waves. We can hear the roar of the break on the reef off our starboard side. It’s so loud it wakes us up and we regret putting ourselves and our house in this precarious position. But it’s the middle of the night, and we reason it’s actually safer to wait until sunrise before moving to a better spot. Then suddenly we are woken up by a loud BANG!! Our stern anchor line has snapped, putting us broadside to the swell…

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