We REALLY Needed This! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 401

It’s been a while since we posted a video like this…No disasters, no storms, no hospital, just pure cruising bliss. We had forgotten what it was like to feel at ease, and man did we need this! And for all you Sierra fans out there, brace yourselves for some cuteness overload in this one 🥰

After all the chaos and stress of running from Hurricane Kay, the dust had finally settled and the seas had calmed, so we pull the anchor and set sail for Puerto Don Juan which is actually the anchorage we diverted away from at the last minute when we decided to opt for riding out the hurricane in San Carlos. We arrive to have our minds completely blown at the beauty and stillness of this sheltered paradise. It was such a relief to feel safe, secure, and relaxed, and we able to slip right back into the cruiser life with a bon fire on the beach, some wild coyote encounters, and of course no return to normalcy would be complete without at least one system failure onboard 😂


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