Jumping Ship for the Day! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 402

The END is near, we can’t believe it! After another 6 months and 3,000+ miles, another sailing season is almost over. This one has been special because it’s the first time that we’ve really buddy boated. It was so incredible having our friends from Calico Skies and One Life by our side for the majority of the trip. We were all preparing to haul out and go our seperate ways for a few months, so we thought it would only be fitting to go out in style with a big blowout all together.

We kicked things off with a crew swap. We get a bit spoiled on Delos because everything is so familiar and easy, so it’s always fun to switch things up! After some pretty glorious conditions, we arrive to our next anchorage which will be the site for a battle of epic proportions the next day…the Adult Summer Camp Grand Finale! With plenty of lubricants to get the athletic juices flowing, we have a pretty ridiculous day of drunken games complete with a half time show that would make Rihanna herself jealous, followed by an occasion for Brian to finally bust out his rhinestone bow tie!


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