Slow TV

SLOW TV – 6.5 HOURS! Florida Canals, SQUALLS and sailing the ATLANTIC OCEAN!

This weeks SLOW TV is truly something special for the Tribe! We hit record on the @gopros just before casting the line to begin our ATLANTIC CROSSING! The first hour or so shows Delos slipping through the Canals of Pompano Beach, just chomping at the bit to make it to the open ocean! We managed to keep this Slow TV recording for almost 7 HOURS and capture a massive squall rolling off the coast and over Delos. We have a lot of fun making these and hope you enjoy putting them on in the background of your work day, chill day, or family time. Much love tribe! View More

[75 MIN] SLOW TV ASMR OCEAN SOUND- Relax while sailing on the ocean! Sailing Vessel Delos

Want to zone out and relax to a sailboat on the ocean? Our latest SLOW TV episode might just be the ticket. Come for a sail on Delos with view changes every few minutes. The audio was recorded live during the sail and mixed to set the mood. Fair winds and much love from the Delos Crew!

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