Scuba Diving In The Middle Of The Open Ocean!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 47

After an unplanned 8 months cruising around, the time had come to leave the amazing Philippines. Our next stop Malaysia! On the way we stop at one of the most magical dive sites we have ever seen filled with Sharks and turtles, then continue our sail to Malaysia! Video number 47 of the series! We all finished the final editing of this video during our rough sail to Cocos Keeling, one foot braced against the wall, holding our laptops as Delos heeled over in the wind and swell! Much love and hope you enjoy!

Music info!
Intro: Ramukanji by OneTox
2:00 – where I am from by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena
3:30 – Rain drops by Huma Huma
4:30 – monks by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena
6:30 – the engagement by Silent Partner
8:15 – the engagement by Silent Partner
9:25 – Fridas song by Max Noremo Ft. Purple Senses
10:25 – manskraft by Max Noremo
14:00 – ’bout it by Phoebe Leyten
15:04 – my baby by Savi Fernandez Band
17:49 – hang ups (want you) by Otis Mcdonald
19:11 – Crusoe by Halcyon Drive
credits – Killer Bee by Phoebe Leyten