Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 3 of 3) Sailing SV Delos Ep. 63

March, 2015- Phucket, Thailand. We work like dogs to finish up the rigging project. We make awesome progress but run into some problems with our forestay and the Ronstan pins provided. All is sorted by the awesome shop at Rolly Tasker and we move onto some other projects like fixing our AC pump and getting a new anchor chain for Delos. Finally we recycle our old rigging and get booted out of the marina with our forestay strapped to the lifelines.

Music Used in This Video!
Ramukanji (Remix)- OneTox
Honour This World- Chiba
From Frock To Stone- Chiba
Take Time To Breathe- Chiba
Maps Of The Sky- Chiba
Eyes Of Mercy- Chiba

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