Our very own PRIVATE ISLAND in Maine! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 295

Delos has sailed to deserted beaches, tropical jungle rivers, and even bustling cities. And now we find ourselves in the amazing State of Maine, at our very own private island! After dodging a mine field of lobster floats we finally arrive at our new home for the next few weeks- our very own private island in Maine! With deep water around us it’s the perfect introduction to this magnificent cruising ground and a great place to do our mandatory self-quarantine. We begin exploring the island and planning for Sierra’s 1st birthday, only to find that a tropical storm is hot on our heels. We batten down the hatches and prepare Delos for the blow, which arrives during The Little Nugget’s party.

PS- A very special thanks to Jordan, crew from our 1st Caribbean season, for the incredible job helping to put this episode together. We love ya’ Jordan 🙂

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