GATHER N COOK – Livin’ Off The Sea in Maine! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep 296

Living off the sea, collecting our own food, and fixing your own boat is a ton of work! Being at a dock is a true luxury for us and we decide to take full advantage by going ashore at low tide to harvest mussels on our own for a cook-off competition. It turns out this is a huge amount of work and takes us two days to get them cleaned and prepped. After our feast we get a visit from our neighbors, which happen to be a pair of Bald Eagle! After watching them fight over a fish we see one fall into the water and we’re quick on the scene to get some awesome footage of a Bald Eagle doing the breast stroke! Our washing machine starts making a terrible noise and smoke pours out so Brian tears it into pieces troubleshooting. Looks like we’ll be hand washing clothes for a while. Then it’s time to explore the little town of Port Clyde where we buy lobster for $5.00 a piece and whip up a gigantic chilled lobster salad. Yep, we love FOOD and the bounty the ocean provides 🙂

Fair winds, and thanks for watching! XXOO- Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget


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