Monkey Bites, Elephants, and Ping Pong Shows- Sailing Sv Delos Ep. 66

WHAT?!?! Ping Pong Shows and Monkey Bites?? Are you ready for some Thailand Craziness? We meet up with our friend Jeff who takes us land cruising around Phuket. We check out some awesome views of Delos and some beautiful Buddha statues. We experience the negative side of Thailand by coming across both monkeys and an elephant chained up. And before leaving Thailand for good, we head to Patong Beach and check out a Ping-Pong Show, one in which the girls are proud and happy to be there.

00:03 – Ramukanji by One Tox (… )
02:04 – Thingamajig by Audionautix (
02:40 – Dog and Pony Show by Silent Partner (Youtube Audio Library)
06:06 – Bomber by Riot (Youtube Audio Library)
07:22 – Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod (
11:55 – I am a man who will fight for your honor by Chris Zabriskie (youtube Audio Library)
16:20 – Ramukanji by One Tox (… )
17:45 – United we groove by Audionautix (
18:57 – Hey Now by MK2 (Youtube Audio Library)
23:50 – Bomber by Riot (Youtube Audio Library)
24:45 – United we groove by Audionautix (