Interview With a Cruiser – Bamba Maru – Sailing for a Smile

Bamba Maru is more than just a 50 year old catamaran, it is home to Andy and Johanna, and a way for them to help others with a project called Sailing for a Smile. They set out 5 years ago with plans to sail the world and found purpose along the way by using their boat as a base to help those in need after devastating hurricanes hit Caribbean islands.

We are also pledging to 100% match contributions to their project for the first $1,000. So we’ll turn your $1.00 into $2.00!! Just head to and in the message to the crew box just mention “Sailing for a Smile”. We will coordinate with the local schools and make sure 100% of the donations get there with no overhead and no fees 🙂 .

You can find more about their project at

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