I’m In Love With This Sailor Girl! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 46

With nothing to do and no place to be we found ourselves drifting through the amazingly beautiful El Nido. We found an incredible island where our days blended into weeks. We explored the sights and did a bit of diving before heading south for Puerto Princessa. We got caught in a squall, our anchor chain snagged on a coral bommie, and he had one hell of a sail.

Onetox – Ramaukanji 00:01 https://soundcloud.com/ethekweni/onet…
The Insider – Right 01:12 freemusicarchive.org
Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Sweet as Honey 04:40 YouTube Audio Library
Max Noremo – Manskraft 07:07
Gunnar Olsen – Mountain Dub 09:00 YouTube Audio Library
Huma-Huma – Cielo 11:35 YouTube Audio Library
Silent Partner – Magic Marker 12:15 YouTube Audio Library
Otis McDonald – Hang Ups (Want You) 14:04 YouTube Audio Library
Gunnar Olsen – First To Last 17:19 YouTube Audio Library
Phoebe Leyten – Killer Bee 22:41 Soundcloud.com/lelijveld