How to get SUPER FAST Internet on a sailboat – Digital Nomad Edition – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 260

“Come on over to our sailboat we have SUPER fast Internet, even in the middle the ocean!!!” Is something I never thought I would say. But here we are in a brave new world with satellites zooming overhead beaming internet down from space. And now we’re literally catching these space beams with a very fancy, very shiny computer controlled gimbaled bit of hardware and using it to stay connected and work remotely. Both at sea and in the far corners of the globe! In this video we’ll show how we installed and configured the components and system to work on SV Delos 🙂

So how did this all come about? Well like most good ideas it involved a few beers…. At the Southampton boat show I met a very cool guy named Bill. It turns out Bill is a sailor and watches our videos. It also turns out that Bill leads a team at Viasat Maritime. After quite a few scheming sessions we figured out a system that could deliver high speed broadband internet to a sailboat the size of Delos. In fact Bills major concern was how would having this type of internet all the time affect life on board? Knowing we cherish our offline time at sea. My answer- well it does have an off switch right?!? 😜So we began a pilot project with Viasat to prove the concept, which will lead to affordable systems for sailors and those wanting to untether themselves work as true digital nomads wherever you find yourself.

Right now these systems are still in their trial phase, however If you’d like to learn more about the technology and what’s available you can visit or contact them directly at [email protected] .

After installing the new internet super dome Brady and Alex begin their adventures off Delos in the snowy mountains of California for a season of Snowboarding!

Sending Lot’s of Love and hope you guys enjoy the video.- Capt. Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget

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