FIRST SAIL beating into 30 knots!!! Do babies get seasick??? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 261

Imagine that you live on a sailboat, work on a sailboat, and travel on a sailboat. Then you have a baby…. We were extremely nervous setting out on our first sail with The Nugget. How would she react? Would she like it or would it be a total disaster? Do we need to rethink our lifestyle and future plans? Well there’s only one way to find out! With clear skies and what they call “reinforced trades” blowing 25-30 knots we set out straight into it tacking and beating into the swells. It was one hell of a bumpy ride…..

Does anyone out there know if babies can get seasick? We heard not until they can walk because their inner ear balance has not developed, but if anyone has any insight on this we would love to know!

Sending Lot’s of Love and hope you guys enjoy the video.- Capt. Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget

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