CARNIVAL in TRINIDAD! We be Limin’! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 196

CARNIVAL, WHOA! From the mud drenched sunrise parties to the extravagant costumes and days full of limin’ & chippin’ – our few weeks spent on Trinidad were truly the experience of a lifetime!! It became even more interesting when we dug into the history of this legendary event which spans centuries, cultures, continents and religions. We hope we did a decent job at capturing the vibe and maybe even inspired some of YOU to check it out yourselves one day 😀 

=MUCH LOVE from Blue, Brady, Brian, Kazza

Carnival Documentary by Fritz Henl

Music from Oil Drums by

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01:49 Tomorrow by Pennywise

02:55 Tobago by Tatano
12:52 Anticipation by Cielo

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19:24 Goin’ Blind Werewolf Music

20:15 Bachannal Blast Pappi Boi

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