We Just Wanna Make You Smile

Congratulations, matey!

This one was a little easier…ALL GONE!

You found 1 of 2 ba$kets hidden throughout the site… there is another, much harder one!


(All gone… but see if you can find the 2nd basket for practice, because you might be seeing more of these, and they’re going to get HARDER. 🙂 )

Here’s your next hint, for a shot at being first to the grand pr1ze… the Great Delos Spinnaker G1veaway! (We think you’ll like it!)

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“In the waters of the South Pacific, you’ll meet Memo, who tells a story of a boat that could fly.  Among the wreckage, under the bullets but before the World was Discovered… amidst the men drinking deep — you will find it.”

Thank you so much for playing, and for being an awesome member of the Tribe!