Friends & Crew Opportunities

Wanna Crew On Delos?

Yes!  We take complete strangers sailing on Delos.  And no!  There is no experience required 🙂  Here’s how it works:  we put up a post on with the date, location, and the number of  bunks we have available.  Those that are interested in the trip opt-in with a comment on the post. We do a drawing based on those names, and invite the winner to come for a visit!  Check out our BVI Crew Post to see how it works.  To get more info and see how you could qualify for a drawing visit!


Wanna get out there without purchasing your own ride?  Check out our friends below, who we know are super cool and love to sail with others!

Infinity Expedition

We met the guys on Infinity while crossing the Pacific Ocean.  They do some of the coolest expedition-style cruising we’ve ever seen.  If you’re looking for a really unique experience with a group of super cool people this is the place for you.  Infinity is one of  the largest ferro-cement sailing ketches in the world  and sails with a mixed crew from all over the world!

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