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Mastering OFF-GRID Living: 4 Key Things Every Sailor Should Know ⛵️ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 441

In this video we’re breaking down the systems and technologies we’ve built up over the course of 14 years of full time sailing and living aboard our boat off grid. We will be covering 4 essential pieces of the puzzle that allow us not only to survive out here, but to live our lives comfortably! We will discuss electricity, how we make it, and what our set up is. We will talk about food: how we plan and figure out what we need, and how we store it. We will share how we’re able to turn saltwater into drinkable freshwater, and lastly, how we’re able to get the connectivity we need to stay safe, run our business, and entertain ourselves!

We’ve got LOTS of other videos and resources to learn more about certain topics covered, and links to products we’ve mentioned in the video. Check em all out here:

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All Our Moonshine Supplies:

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Video all about our watermaker:

2 part video all about how we make moonshine-

Part 1:

Part 2:

This playlist has lots of great info about all our power systems:

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This video is pretty detailed, so if you want to skip directly to certain content here are some chapters you can follow along with:

00:00 Introduction

01:29 4 key things

02:59 Electricity

12:42 Food Storage

19:03 Fresh Water

21:50 Communication & Entertainment



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How To Cross the Pacific Ocean: Passage Planning and Weather Routing 💨 Sailing Vessel Delos

Your weather routing questions answered! A HUGE thanks to Predict Wind for sponsoring this video. Please visit to learn more. In this video we discuss the resources available to plan a passage for a North to South passage to the South Pacific, crossing the equator and the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITZC). We show how to use pilot charts, common routes from North America to French Polynesia, using Predict Wind for weather routing and departure planning, and how to stay connected offshore.



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Watch our 4 part docu-series:

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Internet At Sea! Viasat Maritime 3 Year Full Review 📡 Sailing Vessel Delos

How do we get internet at sea? This is a full review of the Viasat Maratime Internet system, a true high class of service broadband solution. In this video we cover:


1) Equipment Installation

2) Actual upload, download speeds and latency measured

3) Performance in real sailing conditions

4) Reliability over 3 years of use

5) Availability and Cost


Questions submitted by our amazing Patrons! To become a Patron of SV Delos and contribute to further topics please visit

For more information please check out


00:00 The Installation.

04:45 How fast is the system in reality? What are the actual download and upload speeds? What is the latency?

05:56 Is it possible for you to upload raw uncompressed video files?

06:06 Would this system be suitable to use all day with sufficient bandwidth for productivity apps?

06:35 Is the speed consistent across different locations or does it vary?

07:17 How do weather and rain affect the system?

08:40 Can you reliably do Zoom or Skype? How about YouTube Live?

09:18 What applications and services work well? What don’t work well?

09:34 Have you remotely tried to control and land based computers remotely?

10:11 What kind of a delay is there during a Zoom meeting?

10:53 How does the device handle buffering?

11:31 How much power does it consume?

13:05 Do you have a static or dynamic IP address?

13:45 Is there a carrier grade NAT in place?

14:24 How is the reception and loss of signal? Any restrictions by country?

15:27 Is your connection up 24/7 or only as needed.

16:03 Has it been reliable?

16:40 How is the system holding up in the salty air?

17:33 Can you run a packet loss and jitter test?

17:43 How much motion can it handle without cutting out?

18:35 Is there any difference with signal on passage vs anchored vs moored.

18:51 How heavy is it? Are you worried about it ripping off the back arch?

19:55 What are some negatives and positives from a family time standpoint?

21:09 Have you noticed crew spending more time on shoes or watching movies than in the past?

22:52 Do you still use and local WiFi or SIM cards?

23:53 Will you give up or keep the Iridium Go and Marine Single Side Band Radio?

24:37 How plug and play was the installation?

25:26 Does ViaSat plan on making smaller systems for smaller boats?

26:37 How much does ViaSat Maritime Internet cost?



ELECTRICITY On A Sailboat Q&A ⛵️ (Lithium, Solar, Wind)

This video is all about Lithium Batteries, Solar, Wind, Inverters, Chargers, and everything else Power Related to take your Yacht or Sailboat OFF-THE-GRID for a while!

This episode is dedicated to our Patrons, thanks so much for your great questions! There are timestamps below for each question.


Additional Recommended Watching:

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Sailboat Electrical System Overview (Playlist)-

WATT The Hell is an Amp Hour?-



03:47 – Do the solar panels alone handle your electrical needs or is the generator needed on a regular basis?

06:10 – How much power do the sails create when Delos is sailing at 6 knots? Would there be a horsepower figure?

07:28 – What’s the fire risk with Lithium batteries? How do you reduce the risk?

09:23 – How much power do you produce from solar panels and wind generators?

14:35 – Is the wind turbine an effective source of power?

15:30 -Do you have your inverter turned on all the time or only when you need AC power?

17:46 – Can you run your air conditioning regularly off battery power?

20:36 – When do you start worrying about battery charge levels? And what steps do you take to conserve energy?

22:03 – When a boat converts to Lithium what changes need to be made to the charging system? Also mention spike suppressor.

25:29 – Have you thought about going to a high output alternator?

26:30 – Is a power audit worth doing?

27:40 – Do you still plot positions or are you mainly electric charts now?

28:50 – Where does one learn the basic of solar?

30:18 – Can you mix lead batteries with Lithium batteries to help with nighttime discharges?

31:13 – How can you track the power generated by wind and solar?

31:48 – Are you able to make water off your solar?

33:18 – How much solar would you need to go 100% electric, no generator, no Diesel engine?

41:03 – Are you a fan of the induction stovetop?

42:20 – How important is it to have the same bus bars and loads on high current applications?

43:44 – How can you protect your system from voltage spikes if the battery management system shuts off?

44:28- What electronics would you recommend for a small, simple day sailor

45:14 – What secondary charging method would you depend on?

Q&A Session for our Patrons- May 21 2018

**MP3 version @ ** Hey Delos Tribe!! Hope you enjoy this Q&A we did today.
Some of the questions covered:
Whats up with Delos 2.0?
When are we sailing the Arctic?
How much work goes into an episode?
What cameras do we use?
Whats next for us?
Where is Delos?
What happened to Green Man?
! If you want to treat this as a podcast the MP3 version can be downloaded as a free digital download from our store @

Trends in Modern Yacht Design- Interview with a Naval Architect- Sailing Vessel Delos

Hey Tribe! We know you LOVE the technical side of sailing so we put together this special interview with a naval architect. Kiril did an awesome job filming and editing this together, and we sure hope you learn as much as we did!

Olivier Racoupeau is a naval architect and has designed cruising yachts for Amel, Wauquiez, Garcia, Beneteau, Fountaine Pajot, and many other custom projects. A few months ago while we were in La Rochelle the team at Amel asked if we would like to interview Olivier, who is responsible for the design of the Amel 55, 64, and the new 50 foot sloop that was just launched. We pretty much jumped at the chance to pick his brain about the differences between modern cruising yachts and those from Delos’s era.

Modern yachts are obviously full of exciting new tech that wasn’t even available 5 years ago let alone 20 years ago, so they’re really something to behold. Besides all of the technology that helps with navigation, the living quarters now look like they’ve come straight out of an interior design magazine. Sleek and timeless with beautiful neon lighting similar to those found on brands like Neon Filter that nobody could have dreamed of in recent history make these modern yachts well worth a look, even if you’re unfamiliar with the yachting world!

We learned a lot and hope you do as well! Peace, Love, and Fair Winds from Brian, Karin, and Brady.

View More

SV Delos – Classic yacht sailing!

We had the chance to sail on a mahogany old school beauty! She is sleek, fast and so fun to sail. SY Chancegger was built for the 1970 Americas Cup for Baron Bich, the man behind Bic pens and lighters! She is 28 tons with an overall length of 19 meters. View More