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Outtakes from the episodes, inventions, and special tidbits from our travels!

JUST BLOOPERS! 30 Minutes of Ridiculousness 🤣 Sailing Vessel Delos

Get ready for some hilarity on the high seas! Instead of our normal episode today, we’ve got something a little different that we hope you will LOVE 💕 We put together a compilation of some of our silliest moments from the last couple seasons, featuring cameos from Hannah, Conor, Jordan, Taylor, Super Ryan, Mormor, and more! And just wait till you see how little Sierra is in some of these clips 🥹. We did our best to find our favorite moments, but tell us…which ones did we forget??? Let us know in the comments. I’ve already thought of some other ones even since we finished uploading this one (just now I was thinking about when I ripped my pants on a hike and my “coconuts” were popping completely out of the rip in my crotch 😂). We really hope you enjoy this one, it was SO FUN putting together.


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100 Episodes Outtake Montage!! Sailing SV Delos

Yup, the title is pretty accurate 🙂 As a celebration I put together this little Outtake Montage from 100 episodes, past and present. Thanks so much for staying with us through the best, and most awkward moments 🙂 Hope you enjoy!! Love Breeyawn, Kazza, and Mr. Brady View More

S\V Delos Goes Patreonic!

We have lot’s of amazing adventures planned for next season, and to make sure we do it justice we started a Patreon campaign to help with gear, cameras, software, and everything else needed to make sweet cruising videos! View More