Season 4 – Madagascar Bound – YouTube Sailing Videos

Season 4 – Madagascar Bound – YouTube Sailing Videos

After an amazing time exploring Cape Town the Delos Crew is fired up for our next adventure. For the past few months we’ve pondered our next plan. Should we wail across the Atlantic to Brazil and the Caribbean, or go back the tough way around the Cape of Good Hope and revisit the Indian Ocean for another lap. Over a few beers and sushi lunch we suddenly all decided “What the hell, why not go back to Madagascar?” Totally stoked with our plans we decided to run a crew competition where The Delos Tribe would submit videos. The theme- tell us “Who would make the best Delos Pirate” in 60 seconds or less. We got some amazing videos and chose a number of winners to join us this season. Our first crew was 100% South African, none with any major sailing experience. We leave Cape Town behind and set off on a grueling sail to La Reunion Island, nestled in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean. We battle storm force winds and waves for weeks and finally make landfall. After exploring the remotest islands of the Indian Ocean we finally make landfall on the magical island of Madagascar, where we spend a few months sailing and diving the most remote places on this gigantic island. This season contains 36 YouTube Sailing Videos.

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