The Curse of the Mahi

Paul Simon may have 50 ways to leave your lover, but Delos has 50 ways to loose a Mahi.  In fact we haven’t landed one of the delicious treats since crossing the equator over 3 months ago.  We’ve landed Bonito, Yellowfin, and even Wahoo but no Mahi-Mahi.
We’ve hooked them and watched them jump, dive deep, and snap our mono line like it was nothing.  We’ve gotten them to within a few feet of the boat, only to see a sudden burst of speed ending in a jump that shakes the hook loose midair.  We’ve knocked our own hook out trying to gaff them.  We’ve even fought them for an hour and gaffed them onto the boat, only to have them go crazy on deck breaking free of the gaff and snapping our 200 lb test swivels before flopping back into the ocean.  On this particular instance my side and arm were cut by the steel leader flying by, right before I stepped on the gaff hook.  I’ve lost more blood than the fish lately.
Today the fishing gods were with us and the curse is lifted.  We already enjoyed Mahi sautéed in butter and garlic for lunch and we’ll be eating Mahi steaks for dinner tonight!  Maybe it was my blood sacrifice that did the trick.  This one was 50″.