42 Days in Vava’u, Tonga by Brian

Our last night in Vava’u, Tonga was spent at Fonua’one’one, a small island on the southern edge of the group.  The island has everything you’d expect of a slice of South Pacific paradise.  A beautiful reef with abundant coral protecting a picture perfect white sand beach, with the fine kind of sand that seems to massage and form to your feet as you walk.


With the reef guarding the beach the perfectly still crystal clear water looks more like a swimming pool at an exotic resort than the Pacific Ocean.  Blues stretch as far as you can see, getting darker as you look away from shore and the water gets progressively deeper.  The interior of the island is heavily wooded with coconut trees, fruit trees, and large ferns.  Hundreds of birds cling to every available branch.


Brady and I walked the beach encircling the tiny island.  It took all of 15 minutes before we rounded the corner and saw Delos bobbing at anchor all by herself.  No other boats in sight.  Just us.


For a few minutes we entertained the idea of living on an island like this.  Clearing a small area for a raised hut in the middle, diving on the reef for food, and catching rainwater to drink.  Fun to think about but we decided that either the bugs or monotony would eventually get to us.  We’ll stick to our floating home for now.


We’ve spent the last 42 days in Vava’u exploring places just like Fonua’one’one.  It was with mixed emotions that we pulled up our anchor at 4:30AM and headed Delos South, towards the Ha’apai group some 65 miles away.  Mixed emotions because up until a few weeks ago we were sure Vava’u was going to be our home for the next 6 months while we waited out the cyclone season.  But with cruising plans change, and they can change quickly.  With Delos needing some TLC, at least one crew member seeking employment, and all of us craving the niceties of a first world country (and some cooler weather) we scrapped our plans and decided to head to New Zealand.


Tonga is an incredible place.  It was captain cook that coined the term “The Friendly Islands” after his experience with the natives so long ago.   Tonga reminds us a lot of our home cruising grounds in Puget Sound, particularly the San Juan islands.  There are dozens and dozens of protected anchorages within a few hours sail.  The outer reefs take the brunt of the ocean swell leaving the interior water calm except for wind chop.  If you could combine the protected  anchorages of the San Juans with crystal clear tropical water, then add white sand beaches,  tropical fruit, and sunshine you’d get pretty close.


During our time here we partied it up in Neiafu and took it easy on secluded islands.  We raced in regattas and drifted aimlessly in our floaties.  We drank kava with the locals and rum with the cruisers.  We dove on ship wrecks and snorkeled caves.  We had plenty of beach bonfires and endless clear, star filled nights.  Time slipped away from us until all of a sudden it was time to move on, yet again.


The pictures and this blog hardly do Vava’u justice, but hopefully they give you just a little glimpse of the Friendly Islands.

P8271045The public market where we bought our produce and Kava

P8271063 Erin and Kat at the Kava bowl

 DSC_2305Princess Leah, Heineken Man, and Greenman out for the Vava’u pub crawl.  Delos won first prize for costume!

DSC_2334Delos sailing in the Vava’u Regatta

P9021132Ghost winning the Friday night yacht race

P9011094One of many beach BBQ’s

 P9021133Dinner with Ghost, Lady Kay, and Artemis at O’va’va Pizzeria

P9071188Coral and starfish in the Coral Gardens

P9080012Octopus in the Coral Gardens

P9080809The fruits of our hard labor- our Heineken raft!

P9210024Faka Lady night at Tonga Bob’s

P9300125Swimming in Mariners cave

 PA020215Exploring Swallow cave by dinghy

 PA010162Rigging up our new kite board on Nuku Island