Would You Climb A Sailboat Mast 1,000 NM from Land? (Pacific Crossing 4 of 8) SV Delos Ep. 419

Don’t watch this if you’re afraid of heights! We’re about a week into our 3,000 nautical mile journey across the world’s largest ocean, and the days, hours, and minutes are starting to blur together. We’ve fully entered into “passage mode” and embraced that sweet blend of relaxation, living in the present, and a little touch of insanity and silliness thrown in the mix for good measure. This leads us into some interesting and hilarious antics to fill the time, including a way sketchier than expected trip up the mast in rolly downwind conditions, the smelliest, gag-worthy squid snack, and lots more! Grab your favorite cold beverage, kick back, and join us on the open ocean for some epic days on the water with the Delos crew!


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