PINNED DOWN by Hurricane Agatha 😱 Now What? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 384

What happens when you mix an incoming hurricane, some rowdy sailors, a tattoo gun, and lots and lots of beers???

After arriving to Mexico after our 5 day passage, we were super stoked to dive right into everything this coast has to offer…but mother nature had other plans for us. What we hoped to have been a little 3 day stop over turned into 3 weeks as the strongest hurricane to ever hit the pacific coast of Mexico in the month of may rolled in to the north of us, and then blasted headwinds in the exact direction we wanted to go for the foreseeable forecast. But in true Delos fashion, we decided to drink a few beers and roll with it, leading to an airbnb pool party, some tattoos, lots and lots of beer, a trip to Guatemala, and of course boat projects galore.


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