The Week Of Santosh- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 74

We finish our circumnavigation of the Andaman Islands and arrive back in Port Blair. During our celebration dinner out we meet a really cool local guy named Santosh. He takes us under his wing in search of the fastest internet in the land (so we can upload Delos videos) which turns out to be a dial up connection shared by 100,00 people so it is super slow. The girls convince Santosh to invite us to his friends wedding which turns out to be a traditional Indian wedding at 1AM. The cultural experience is absolutely amazing and we’ll remember the experience forever. Santosh then invites us to his house where we drink local beer and chow down on some delicious eats. All too soon our Visa expires and we spend the day checking out, where we immediately get in trouble with Port Control because Santosh brought us Butter Chicken take away as a going away gift. We depart the port in the middle of the night and set sail for the Southern Indian Ocean!

Footage from April 2015.

Music In This Video
0:00 OneTox (Remix)- Ramukanji
01:52 La Tripleta- VirtualDJMax
04:53 Wheel of Karma- Audionautix (YouTube Audio Library)
08:43 Snow Drife- Gunnar Olsen (YouTube Audio Library)
12:04 Tap Dancing With The Elephants- Radio Times (
15:03 Big Mojo Vadodoro – Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Audio Library)
15:59 Jalandhar – Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Audio Library)
21:12 Summer Whiz time – Max Noremo (
22:40 Desert City – Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Audio Library)
26:51 United We Groove – Audionautix (YouTube Audio Library)
30:04 Summer Whiz time – Max Noremo (