TREASURE HUNT! We buried BOOTY on this secret island :) – Sailing Vessel Delos

YES! We really did bury something on this island for you to find. ARRRRGH Delos Tribe!!! There be a PIRATES BOOTY on this here secret island!!! We know ‘cause we buried it…. The clues below will lead you to the treasure, but be warned the path is riddled with reefs and not for the faint of heart!!!

Scoundrels & Scallywags were upon us closing in from all corners of the seven seas. We had to lighten our load and make a hasty escape, so we buried our precious Delos Pirate Booty on the unknown islet and now we’re calling upon the Delos Tribe to find the loot. In the video be the treasure map and may the riddle below help you on your quest to riches.

“At the Union between the holy men Vincent & George you will find the Key to a low lying pirate island of palms at the Worlds End, where legend says Sparrows & turtles play Horseshoes in the Reef. There you must look to the east for the teenage tree in a parade of palms. At it’s base you will find Neptunes trumpet guarding the buried treasure you seek.”

There you will find a bountiful booty of treasure that would make even the wealthiest of privateers…..moist. If ye find the treasure, take a piece of booty, and a swig of the captains grog, but return the rest. Otherwise Davy Jones will come a calling!

Happy hunting Delos Tribe, and if ye find the treasure take a 15 second video with the loot and having a swig. Post the video anywhere you like and put a link in the comments below so we can feature you in an upcoming episode! You can also email us at [email protected] if you’re old school 🙂
Happy Hunting.

Brian, Kazza, Brady, Blue, Jordan & Nate.

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