The reality of OWNING A SAILBOAT! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 290

Imagine taking your house into a harsh environment, shaking it around and dousing it with salt water. How much stuff would break? Then move your house hundreds of miles from the nearest hardware store and we find out just what it takes to maintain an offshore sailboat.

After 1 week of hard labor the projects are coming along nicely, but there is still an endless list of that needs tackling. An upgraded lithium battery bank installed, refrigeration compressor and cold place replaced, and of course the damn toilet decided to back up in the yard and cause a disgusting mess and I’m forced deep into some really shitty work, LITERALLY!!

If you’re curious about the LiFePO4 batteries check the links below:

Battle Born (USA) –

Transporter Energy (UK) –

We’re also continuing our search for the best eco-friendly bottom paint! The paint we used is not currently available to be sold commercially, however if you want to check it out visit

Hope you enjoyed this episode showing the less glamorous part of what it’s like to won a boat. And also Brian’s summary on how to save some serious money on labour.

Much love from from us! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra

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