The Hardest Part of Sailing- (Bye Bye Taylor) – SV Delos Ep. 350

The hardest thing about this lifestyle is finding new and creative ways to integrate as many “That’s What She Said Jokes” as Possible … J/K it’s really saying “Until we meet again” to all the incredible people we share our time with! In this episode it’s time for Taylor to return home to visit family and get her own boat ship-shape and ready to sail for next season. We decide to head to a dock as we also plan to fly to Sweden to visit family. On the way to the marina we get hit by a 40+ knot squall. After waiting out the blow in deep water the weather clears and we arrive at the Red Frog marina where we immediately begin a long list of projects to get Delos ready for storage in the jungle. First off is fixing the fuel dipstick, which turns into a delirious debate of twerking and “That’s What She Said Jokes”. Finally the day comes and we bid our good friend Taylor Fair Winds and send her on her way.

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