Super Cruising in Malaysia and Thailand- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 59

After a massive provisioning run the crew leaves Mayalsia and sets sail for Thai waters! We make our first landfall in Thailand by swimming to shore, Max ends up in the Hospital, we survive a nasty squall in Koh Lipe, and make our way north exploring lot’s and lot’s of sweet spots!

Music- Setting Sail in Thailand
00:05 – Ramukanji by the Onetox
02:30 – Rollin Back by MK2
04:00 – We got time by Max Noremo
06:45 – Diving into a Spring by Tatono
08:30 – Festival by Max Noremo
10:20 – Progression Negitive by CDK
11:25 – Diving into a Spring by Tatono
12:00 – Path to Follow by the Jingle Punks
15:15 – Caribbean by Tatono
18:20 – Delos Theme by Dave Stephens
20:50 – Progression Negitive by CDK
22:40 – Forward Motion by Tatono
26:00 – Starlight Night by Tatono
28:45 – Aurora Borealis by Bird Creek
30:00 – Ramukanji by the Onetox