Stockholm Patron Presentation- June 10th 2018

Wanna chill and listen like a podcast? Download the MP3 at ! Thanks so much for the great showing everyone, we had an absolute BLAST! For those of you that couldn’t make it here is a recording of the presentation. 00:00 – 55:30 is the presentation, the Q&A portion starts at 55:30. Some of the topics we cover are:

– The History of the Delos Voyage- 62,000 miles of Sailing!
– Why did we start filming?
– How do we film, and how much footage we’ve accumulated.
– Lisa talks about her experience crossing her first Ocean.
– Marta the Sailing Mom’s perspective on Karin sailing the world.
– What is was like to sail into the Caribbean.
– Future plans in Svalbard, arctic sailing, and Beyond!

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