SLOW TV – Sailing Up the Maroni River, French Guiana – Sailing Vessel Delos

This is a bit of an experiment, and you are the guinea pigs he he 🙂

On a recent sail we were inspired by a TED talk on the concept of Slow TV. The idea is to capture an experience from a point of view over a long time span. In this case we were exploring the Maroni river in French Guiana. We hooked up a few Go Pro’s on Delos and let them run until the battery went dead. We also recorded the audio separately with our external microphone.

The video is 3 hours and 40 minutes long and meant as ambient background with audio. Maybe put it on the TV while you eat or a second monitor while you work. I dunno but hope you enjoy!

Love Brady, Alex, Brian, and Karin.
PS- Here is a link to the TED talk if you are interested: