Seriously Outnumbered. Panama Crew is Complete! SV Delos EP 338

Welcome aboard Jade and JaeCee!!! If you’re ready for ear to ear smiles this episode is for you 🙂 Our crew for Panama is finally complete. It’s really one of those full-circle stories that will make you smile. We met Jade and JaeCee in the Florida Keys. It turns out that Jade and her Dad watched SV Delos episodes when she lived in Ohio. A few years later she bought her own boat and moved to Key West to start a life working on the water. We hit it off with Jade, and her bestie JaeCee, who both worked at the same sailing charter. And now we have a chance to show them both what it’s really like on an offshore passage! We begin by picking them up at the airport with our good friend Juan, who of course decided to do it Nacho Libre style 🙂 We put everyone straight to work checking off our to-do list. We need to get Covid tests, provision Delos, get off the dock, clean the dirty bottom, and inspect the rigging. But we have a TON of fun doing everything.

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