Scuba Diving With Sharks And Mantas Remote Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 81

Scuba Diving an amazing tropical atoll in the Indian Ocean! After sailing in some pretty gnarly conditions Delos and her crew find ourselves in the magical island of Cocos Keeling in the Southern Indian Ocean! We take advantage of the beautiful conditions and do some epic diving with sharks, turtles and manta rays! In between the dives we take advantage of an offer to use a new mates house while him and his family are on vacation. Thats right, showers, a front yard, a big kitchen and 7 dirty sailors.

00:01 Ramukanji by OneTox
01:43 From Rock to Stone by Chiba
03:45 Acoustic shuffle by
04:57 Temple by Tatono
04:34 Tobago by Tatono
08:26 Cheating on Russian Roulette by Tatono
09:18 Unshore by Tatono
12:21 Acoustic shuffle by
14:32 Rumba Sabor by YouTube Audio
16:57 Taking it Easy by GoodLuck
19:35 Back to the Woods by
22:06 Summer Wiz Time by Max Noremo
26:45 Taking it Easy by GoodLuck