Sailing the Roaring 40s in 30 foot Waves! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 107

In this episode we sail through the roaring 40s and it was crazy! Definitely the most intense part of our 3000NM passage from South Africa to La Reunion. We had wind speeds of over 50kn, 23–32ft (7–10m) waves and in the middle of everything our autopilot breaks and it’s hand steering from now on! A bit of a tester as our new crew have not hand steered before. Our whole world was getting slammed and tossed around in the waves and I think Brady described it pretty well “It feels like if your driving a car, with your eyes closed on a bumpy dirt road for days. Knowing your going to hit a tree but not knowing when you’re going to hit that tree. So all of a sudden you’re just driving and BOOM!“
Get ready for some hectic weather 😀 hope you Like!
Much Love, Karin, Brian and Mr Brady!

00:13 Ramukanji (Remix) by Onetox (
02:18 Solemn by Andrew Rothschild (
03:36 Eunoia by Andrew Rothschild (
05:33 Bass World by Andrew Rothschild (
07:12 Mahi Mahi by Max Noremo ft. Purple Senses (
08:30 World In a Jug by Andrew Rothschild (
11:05 Sol by Andrew Rothschild (
15:20 Impact Moderato by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)
21:40 Island Hopping by Tatono (