Sailing our house to the DESERT…We Didn’t Expect THIS 🤯 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 392

It feels like we just landed on MARS! After our 4 day passage from Puerto Vallarta, we finally make landfall in one of the most alien like environments we’ve ever encountered in 13 years of sailing around the world. It’s so wild that we can spend the last few months in lush jungles like Panama and Costa Rica, and now here we are arriving in our floating home into a full on desert. But what’s even more fascinating is that the vast and barren landscape above the surface is such a sharp contrast to what lies under the surface of the sea. We dive an incredible shipwreck called the Feng Ming, and have one of the strangest and most incredible encounters with a sea turtle that we still can’t really explain.  Join us in this week’s episode for a first taste of how WILD the Sea of Cortez truly is.


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