Sailing FARTHEST From Land I’ve Ever Been!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 86

Sailing offshore from Cocos Keeling to Chagos in the middle of the Indian Ocean! We leave our beloved Cocos Keeling and set sail on a 1,500 mile two week voyage to Chagos. The crew is feeling a little rough at first because the seas and winds are large and confused. After a few days everyone is back to normal and Brady’s hand is healing just fine from the Barracuda attack. About a week into the trip it’s time to remove Brady’s stiches which was a crazy experience since the waves were moving Delos around so much. It’s also the furthest from land Karin has ever been!


00:01 Ramukanji by OneTox (… )
01:15 Eyes Of Mercy by Chiba (
01:45 Taking It Easy by GoodLuck
02:44 PopTune by Audionautix (
05:05 SoulGroove by Audionautix (
08:30 PopStar by Audionautix (
11:23 Transition by Audionautix (
14:43 DarkRedWine by Audionautix (
16:42 Groove Grove by Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Audio Library)
19:38 Taking It Easy by GoodLuck