Sailing into City Life! Summer in Cape Town, South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 104

We spent 4 months exploring this epic African city! Cape Town turned out to be by far my favorite summer city! At this point we’d been moving constantly for over 13 months and where more than ready to taste the city life again! And it was cheap too! The exchange rate gave us a really sweet deal. So guess what we did after months out on the water? Sat in the air-conditioned movie theater snacking on popcorn, took long hot showers, ate bacon for breakfast and climbed mountains!
We also decided to throw a little video competition, to find our new crew for next seasons adventure! Hope you enjoy, it was a tricky but awesome video to make ? Much Love, Karin and the crew!

Music In This Episode

00:01 Ramukanji by Onetox (… )
00:47 Crystalline by Tatono (
03:03 Coming up better By Ash Ball
04:15 Culture Soak by Tatono (
05:58 Festival by Max Noremo (
06:36 Sunshine in Sight by Tatono (
07:45 Eyes Of Mercy by Chiba (
13:37 Hop On Hop Off New New by GoodLuck (
15:19 Electrothing by GoodLuck (
17:02 The Open Ocean by Tatono (
19:09 Gitarr Chords by Stamni
20:07 Master by Stamni
21:13 Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)
22:40 Hoedown by
24:35 Sol by Andrew Rothschild (
26:45 Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)
29:12 Harlem by GoodLuck Feat Lisa Kekuala (