Sailing Across The Pacific! 4 Semi-adults, 1 Toddler, and 3,000 NM (Part 1 of 8) S.V. Delos Ep. 416

Let’s GOOOOO!!!!! We are so stoked and proud to present part 1 of our Pacific crossing series.

Even after all the years and all the miles, crossing the Pacific is such a HUGE milestone. It had been years since we did a big ocean passage…Delos crossed the Atlantic without us while we were in Sweden welcoming Sierra into the world, but our last big sail was Africa to Brazil, which feels like a life time ago! We had forgotten what it felt like to spend weeks at sea, to lose sight of land, familiarity, and civilization…To lose track of time and daily obligations in such a monumental way, and become hyper focused on the present and living in such a beautiful and simple routine.

After months of preparation, we finally pull the hook and depart on our journey of nearly 3,000 nautical miles across the world’s largest ocean. Within just 4 miles of leaving we face our first curveball of the trip as our normally trusty engine starts playing tricks on us. But Delos is a sailboat, and that’s what we were gonna do! So we press onwards and meet some pretty epic conditions, catch a monster fish, mingle with some curious dolphins, and soak up our last sight of land for weeks.

We hope you enjoy coming along on this big adventure with us.


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