Sailing at 18 KNOTS down the WILD COAST of South Africa! SV Delos Sailing Ep. 102

After chilling out in Richards Bay waiting for a good weather window to sail south we finally get what we’ve been waiting for! 30 + knots of wind, 5+ knots of current and some big seas rocket us south along the Wild Coast of South Africa! Brian has to visit the local Dr. because of a strange bite on his hand, and we set sail once again to continue our passage!

00:45 – Ramukanji by The OneTox
2:27 – March of the Mind by Keven MacCleod ( )
4:30 – Chagos by Max Noremo ( )
12:10 – A glowering ghost again by Harry Seymour ( )
17:05 – Baby you know by Alidu ( )