Pinch Me, Am I Dreaming? Sail to Mexico Part II – SV Delos ep 331

Days like this make me wonder… Will I pinch myself and wake up from a dream? Powering through the seas 150 NM offshore we experience one of those days we wish would never end. We decide the conditions are ideal for some mid-ocean spinnaker action. We drag the huge sail out of the bow locker, drop the genoa, and set ourselves up for some amazing downwind sailing. Just as we think the day can’t get any better we get visited by a playful pod of dolphins that spend hours frolicking in our bow wake. Baby Nugs goes nuts and does a happy dance to celebrate! As night sets in we drop the kite and set sail for building conditions, which turns out to be a good plan as overnight the wind builds to 20 knots. We find ourselves powering through the seas with an incredibly comfortable motion and Taylor decides to try her Night hand steering skills in the building swells. By morning we find ourselves about 20 NM from Mexico and getting absolutely hammered by the current, but Delos is built for these conditions and powers through to the other side of the Gulf Stream. A few minutes later we spot Mexico and enter the crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres! Please check out Taylor’s Channel.

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