Passage To Ternate- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 35

After two incredible months in Raja Ampat the crew pulls up the hook and sets sail for Ternate Island in the Muluku Province. We see squalls, calms, and wind from every direction. With our motor broken the sail is slow but peaceful. We dodge some more squalls, catch a Mahi-Mahi and Barracuda, and get visited by a massive pod of dolphins that play in our bow wake for hours.

Music Used In This Video!
Onetox- Ramukanji 0:00…

Tekno Eddy- Depart 1:20

Black Ant- Piece 6:42

Csuha- Trenz 8:25

Kevin MacLeod- Carefree 11:16

Jason Farnham- Microchip 14:05
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Krackatoa- Diwali Charlie 15:21

Phoebe Leyten- Sensations Jam 17:38