Our WHOLE LIFE Is On The Line…Is this the RIGHT CALL? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 399

When a Hurricane is headed towards your family, your home, your business, your entire life…What do you do? As captain of a boat, you make hundreds of decisions every day. Some big, some small, some inconsequential…but when the stakes are this high and the information available to you is changing by the hour, it’s a pretty heavy feeling knowing that this is one decision you ABSOLUTELY have to get right.


As Hurricane Kay began to develop, we quickly realized that we needed to start making some moves- not only to try and create distance between ourselves and its projected path, but also because our insurance would only cover  anything that might happen to Delos in a named storm if we were north of a certain latitude.  But the decision of how we should respond was far from easy to make- as forecasts changed and information started reaching us from other cruisers in different locations, our heads started to spin a bit.  This was an extremely exhausting time for us mentally and emotionally…the anticipation, the unknowns, the weight of the decisions that we needed to make, the preparation, the anxiety…We hope you enjoy this episode as we explore some of these feelings, share how we go about making decisions like these and processing the information available to us, and take you through how we prepare for the serious weather that was headed our way.


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