LOST TOOTH 🦷 (A Very Rough Sail)…Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 453

We get absolutely ROCKED out there 😳 We just arrived back to French Polynesia, and we were ready to make some moves to a more protected anchorage…but the forecast was not in favor. And after days of waiting around, we decided to brave the ROUGH conditions and trade one day of suffering in exchange for a peaceful anchorage and a good night’s sleep. We bashed straight into massive waves, strong headwinds, and current for hours…and all three of us were on the struggle bus. It was every bit as gnarly as we had expected, and was definitely one of our more miserable sails we’ve had in recent memory. But once we made it to our spiffy new backyard it was totally worth it! And that’s when things start to get realllllllly interesting…I really can’t even describe to you our DIY dental saga…this one you’re just going to have to see for yourselves!


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