Life On An Island You’ve Never Heard Of… Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 461

There are more than 900,000 known islands in the world. You can probably name plenty of them…Tahiti, Bali, Maui…these iconic islands are a household name for most people. But there are still a handful of places on Earth that few people will ever hear of, let alone set foot on. And today we’re about to sail to one of them!

The time had finally come to say goodbye to Raroia…At this point we already had our haul out date set in the Society Islands, and we still had a lot of miles and amazing destinations to cover along the way, so as much as we would have loved to stay here, sailors gotta sail. And honestly, when your next destination is Tahanea…well you really can’t complain! We have one of our most beautiful sails in a long time, and we can’t believe our eyes when we enter into the atoll and we can see the bottom in a depth of 20 meters/60 feet. We are greeted by the local welcoming committee, and we quickly dive into everything this insane paradise has to offer, and show you what life is like for us out here.

This video has a really cozy, homey feel to it with lots of smiles, love, and Sierra adorableness that will just melt your heart 🥹 We hope you enjoy this one, and we’re sending you lots of sunshine, love, and good vibes!


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