Jewels Of The Sea- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 69

Sailing through the Andaman Islands! We leave Port Blair after checking in and set sail for Havelock Island to begin our island hopping adventure. The boys fish for “SEXUAL FAVORS” and we make a batch of Kombucha Hoocha and have a sweet day lounging and drinking on the beach. We then sail to Inglis and North Button Islands where we catch squid, do some fishing, diving, and have a massive beach bonfire.

Music In This Video
Onetox – Ramaukanji 00:01
Bird Creek – Afrola 01:20 YouTube Audio Library
Riot – Newsroom 03:00 YouTube Audio Library
Otis McDonald – Not For Nothing 04:41 YouTube Audio Library
Tatono – Diving into a spring 05:35
Max Noremo ft. Purple Senses – Up the mountains 07:50
Bird Creek – Death Match 08:54 YouTube Audio Library
Chiba – Honour this world 10:05
Max Noremo – We got time 13:05
Jingle Punks – Down ‘N Dirty 14:26 YouTube Audio Library
Tatono – Caribbean 16:45
Chiba – 3 Chords a Beating Heart 19:43
Chiba – Clandestino Manu Chao Cover 23:34
Max Noremo ft. Purple Senses – Fridas Song 25:43