FATIGUED at SEA (part 3 OF 3) Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 271

Day 4 at Sea! Brian Is it easier or harder than you though sailing with a 6 month baby? – “Well we’re still alive and no one is going crazy, so I guess easier” :p

After 3 days averaging 4 hours of sleep a night I was definitely starting to feel like I needed a solid NAP. Delos was making great speed flying along at 11 knots from time to time surfing down waves when we spotted the outline of an island just after sunrise. After a pit stop at the Island of Great Inagua to clear Bahamas immigration and customs we continue for another 24 hour sprint to arrive in the isolated Ragged Islands. Oh I was just soooo happy to set the hook in crystal clear water right next to a beautiful white sand beach!!

Hope you liked this passage videos! So much fun to edit and so many great memories! Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching 😀 Much Love ~ Kazza, Brian and little Sierra

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