Exploring a Mind blowing Wild Island (We’re Falling in Love Here) Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 347

In this feel-good episode we show why we’re falling in love with Bocas Delos Toro! Please support our sponsor by visiting https://kamikoto.com/delos for an incredible deal on these amazing knives! We decide to set out on a rainy dinghy explore mission and come across a spectacular speck of land miles off the coast. It’s just a speck in the ocean, but home to many exotic bird species. We anchor Maggie and swim ashore to explore this incredible island that reminds us of something out of Jurassic Park. On the way home we make a detour at the beach where we come across our first Sloth Sighting. Karin goes a little Sloth Crazy and literally waits there until it decides to move so she can capture it on camera :). We spend the evening exploring the beach, drinking cheap margaritas and pina coladas, and generally just enjoying our life the best way we know how.

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