14 INCREDIBLE DAYS AT SEA: Passage to Brazil Pt. 4! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.168

Part 4 of our Atlantic Crossing!! Yes, this Episode is 40 minutes πŸ™‚ As we approach the South American continent the crew really start thinking about how close we have become.. We are a family and this passage has proven that  Besides our love for each other there is always games and shenanigans being played… Especially against Mr. Brady!

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This is our story, a story of three souls sailing around the world. It is a story about sailing and travel and adventure. But it’s also a story about meeting amazing people and making life long friends. It’s a story of people living their lives in an alternate way, in close connection with the beautiful people and amazing planet that we call home. Our experience has affected us so profoundly we want to share it, hoping that others may find inspiration to follow their dreams and do what they love.

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SV Delos

00:30 – Ramukanji by Onetox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNicT_k9YS0
01:55 – The Overlook By Koresma – www.soundcloud.com/koresma
03:40 – Brians Song by Brian Taylor – www.soundcloud.com/briantaylor
05:59 – Hidden Angels by Kevin MacLeod – www.incompetech.com
08:17 – Quincas Moreira – Lagos – YouTube Audio Library
08:50 – Chris Haugen – Mirage – http://www.chrishaugen.net/
14:29 – Puddle of Infinity – Wind Marching For Rain – YouTube Audio Library
16:00 – Brookes by Kai Angel – www.freemusicarchive.org
17:00 – Crashing waves by Tatono – www.soundcloud.com/tatono
19:30 – Blue Creek Trail by Dan Lebowitz – YouTube Audio Library
20:30 – Quincas Moreira – Lagos – YouTube Audio Library
22:30 – Headway by Kai Engel – www.freemusicarchive.org
25:30 – Pink Horizon by Chris Haugen – YouTube Audio Library
28:00 – Rainforest Swag – YouTube Audio Library
30:30 – Snake by Chris Zabriskie – YouTube Audio Library
32:00 – Better Than by Brian Taylor – www.soundcloud.com/briantaylor
36:30 – Breathing Planet by Doug Maxwell – www.activeterium.com
37:35 – Brookes by Kai Angel – www.freemusicarchive.org