EMERGENCY! We’re taking on water! – Sailing Vessel Delos

It’s something that I’ve often thought about…. What would you do if you got a breech in your hull and started taking on water? We got to practice in a real life scenario when a boat dropped their hook super close to Delos and asked for our assistance.

We have an emergency! We’re taking on water! Yelled the boat that just dropped it’s hook right next to us. By the time we arrived the water was nearly to the top of their port engine, dangerously close to the air intake and already seeping through the holes in their bulkhead. We immediately sprung into action with our crash pump, and one from another boat as well. It turns out the boat had struck something trying to leave the anchorage, which bent the rudder back and caused a breech in their hull. With a make-shift repair we were were able to slow the leak enough to give us enough time for a salvage boat to arrive with bigger pumps. Have you ever considered what you would do in such an emergency?

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