Eco-Antifouling Results Q&A – Failure or Success????

Eco-friendly antifouling Q&A with Capt. Brian and Senor Brady. We sit down and discuss the results of our eco-friendly antifouling experiment. Brian starts off with a little recap of what we did during our haul out in Grenada, and why we made the decision to try and find a paint that did not rely on traditional antifouling agents. We show the results of Delos sitting at 3 weeks, 5 weeks, and 7 weeks without moving, and compare those results to boats around us with hard copper, ablative copper, homemade copper-epoxy, and copper coat. Finally we scrub the bottom clean and start sailing regularly again and show how the effects of water over the hull make a difference in the growth on Delos’s hull. This was a really interesting video to research and put together, we hope you learned as much as we did!

Links to papers about effects of copper on the environment:

Products used on Delos:

Ultrasonic Antifouling


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SeaSpeed VX q0 Paint


Underwater Drill (Nemo Power Tools)

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